What is a Strooder Filament?

What is a Strooder Filament?

The 3D printer filaments are very popular in making all types of imaginative objects. However, a major part of that filament is wasted. One of the main reasons for their wastage is the printing errors. Several extruders of the filament are coming into the market in 2014. The filament extruders are the machines, in which plastic straps can be thrown out and in, thus coming in the form of a perfect strand of 3D printer filament. The Strooder Filament is costly and very clunky in usage. Some of the awesome features are its extrusion temperature of 40 to 230 degrees, its feed screw speed of 10-35 RPM along with its input power of 115 VAC and the 220VAC.

The main objective is to actually create a product that performs better than anyone else does in the market. It has a wonderful design, which is able to fit in multiple environments like workshops, schools, and home offices. The main difference between the Strooder Filament and other filament extruders lies in its user friendliness. It has a 2.4 inch colored screen, which is preloaded with all the relevant extrusion for various kinds of plastics.

Even the novice users extrude their hearts. The preloaded settings can be edited for the experienced users and a manual setting is available for extruding the non-preloaded material. David Graves and William Dooley are the two entrepreneurs behind the Omni Dynamics, who want to get into the 3D printing market, by launching the strooder. It is the truly accessible extruder of plastic filament, which has the potential to make the filament, a thing of the past. It thus slashes the consumables cost in the printing market of 3D.

They have initially started from the ground up and are launching a kick-starter campaign, at a retail price. The team of Omni Dynamics has no entrepreneurial experience and they have a clear understanding about the market along with its needs. Here the main aim is to make strooder is its easiness to use without extensive experience and the familiarity with all the technical properties of thermoplastics. Most of the extruders need you to start the motor and select the speed. They are not given any instructions regarding its application. One needs to select the program, warm up, and choose the right speed of motor, based on the material. You need to select the material in the menu of the control screen. The company understands the materials and their melting points. The desktop 3D printer market does not get enough attention to be directed towards the products that act as the main complement, facilitating the processes, which took place before and after the actual 3D printing. The main idea is to target one of the processes and there are some prosumer machines, which turn pellets into the filament.

They do not come to satisfy the demands of the market. The Strooder Filament is extremely affordable and is extremely easy to use the filament extruder. The company tries to eliminate the need for buying the filament, by enabling the effective and rapid recycling.

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